Wildtrackers is a team of independent consultants, who stage various vehicle projects in remote locations around the world.

Vehicle-based Events

Competitions, incentive trips, holidays, driver training, vehicle testing, in fact any event where wheels of any number head off-road is our speciality!

Indeed, allowed the budget, we can provide about just about anything, from one-day sessions to 4 week expeditions. Give your imagination free rein, and we’ll do our best to convert your dream to reality.

Location, Location, Location

The first 2 questions from any journalist regarding a product launch are : WHAT is it? and WHERE is it? We can comment on the suitability of a client’s suggested location, or come up with a list of our own.


A poorly organised trip is infinitely worst than no press trip at all.
Logistical planning is what we pride ourselves on, and a vital part of our function is to ensure that all matters organisational run smoothly.


Tha ability to prepare a 4×4 route is a subtle skill – and is only gained from years of experience.
Our aim is to show off the vehicle’s true potential while at the same time providing an exhilirating and memorable trip for the participating journalists.


Every vehicle and every client has different demands. Tailoring the trip to individual requirements is a key ingredient in delivering a succesful launch.


The absolute priority of a 4×4 vehicle launch is the safety of all concerned. No-one should remember the trip for the wrong reasons.

Balancing a launch – two major and seemingly opposite demands – safety, and showing off the vehicle in extreme conditions – is quite an art.