Wildtrackers is a team of independent consultants, who stage various vehicle projects in remote locations around the world.

Wildtrackers in top gear at the end of the year!

It’s been a hectic end to the year. Andrew Dacey has been busy in Wales training various government organisations in the safe use of 4x4s in hostile environments. Duncan Barbour, along with Jim West and Slawek had a 75 day stay in China setting up and running the off-road elements for Lexus. This was for the larger models that we don’t see in the UK, based on the two bigger Land Cruisers.

And Karl Trunk and Bob Ives were in India to help Top Gear along with the three British cars for 2011′s Christmas special. As well as driving the tracking cars, the two were responsible for vehicle maintenance and sorting the ‘off-raod’ modifications. Most of it went to plan!


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