Wildtrackers is a team of independent consultants, who stage various vehicle projects in remote locations around the world.

Another Top Job, Middle East

After a marathon event keeping the three 4x4s going for last year’s Top Gear Christmas special which was filmed in Bolivia and Chile, this year should have been a breeze! Bob and Karl were once again asked back to help out with the shoot, with Bob driving a tracking car and Karl organising maintenance. Although the star cars were not 4x4s, there was still a fair of work to do on them as well as the support vehicles. Why can’t the guys just take more care of them! All was revealed at Christmas!

After being flown into Erbil in Northern Iraq the crew drove around trying tgo keep up with the three sports cars as they looked for a way out. Eventually crossing into Turkey, then south again into Syria, where the main period of work was helping to convert the cars for desert travel! Having travelled in front of, behind and along side the cars filming them from the comfort of a V8 Landcruiser it was genuinely amazing where the presenters took the cars and managed to keep them going.

It was just a shame to whole show was just over an hour long as there were so many incredible sights . . . and sites that we travelled through and so many more breakdowns that had to be fixed than were seen during the episode.

From Syria we then drove via Jordan into Israel and around the Sea of Galilee through more amazing countryside with so little time to take it all in, especially at the end going through the huge concrete walls into Bethlehem.

All in all an incredible experience and quite moving at times.

The 4 cars (including the Astra back up car) are all now at Beaulieu as part of the Top Gear exhibition.


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