Wildtrackers is a team of independent consultants, who stage various vehicle projects in remote locations around the world.

Batt Mk 2 Tracking Vehicle

Duncan’s new BATTMOBILE Mk 2 tracking vehicle is now well on the way to completion. Over 10 years in the making the project which started at Midland Rally Team Services at Silverstone moved last year to Maddison 4×4 in Thirsk where the project has moved forward at a much faster pace.

Under the direction of Patrick Smart at Maddison the tracking vehicle has gradually taken shape and now is only requires a rear propshaft to be made and fitted and she will be able to move around the workshop under the power of her 410 horsepower Corvette engine.

The vehicle based on a Land Rover 130 chassis has very little left in the way of Land Rover in it now with many of the components coming from the USA. A completely bespoke vehicle many parts have been specially made. From Dynatrac axles to Aston Martin brake calipers and a starter button from a Rolls Royce Merlin engine. This may appear to be a hodge podge of parts but this will be a state of the art tracking vehicle and will pretty much be a Rally Raid vehicle built for filming…

More details to follow……

First firing of the new BATT motor!


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